Flat fees: Affordability for clients and success for attorneys

By providing flat fees to clients, attorneys may ultimately create more business and greater efficiency for themselves and their practice.

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Webinar Alert: Being Smart With Social Media

Learn the most effective and ethical ways lawyers can use social media to develop business, plus common ways lawyers misuse these tools.

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Women Lawyers Wearing Pants: Part II

We are all – men and women alike – judged on our appearance, but it’s tough to shake the feeling that in law, we women are scrutinized more closely than our male counterparts.

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No mo’ author images: making up for lost clicks with video snippets

Video snippets in search results may help you maintain a healthy CTR in the aftermath of Google removing author images from their results.

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Mobile Lawyer_crop

The best apps for lawyers not tethered to a desk

A rundown of the best apps for lawyers, which help make mobile practice, as well as the transition to virtual operations, possible.

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How to Create a More Cohesive Cross-Platform Web Presence

In order to get the most out of the Internet, it’s important to embrace a variety of different platforms.

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So I Launched My New Website, Now What?

Building traffic to a new website requires work. Take an active role in marketing your site and you’ll see a quicker return on investment.



Webinar Alert: How to Maximize Avvo

Learn the latest about Avvo’s marketing platform, which connects lawyers directly to people seeking their services.


SEO Facebook Square

Optimize Your Facebook Business Page to Attract More Clients

Improve search engine optimization for your firm’s online presence by following these Facebook page tips and how to’s.

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Can Legal Ghost Blogging Be Effective?

If you aren’t the one blogging — authentically earning reputation and relationship benefits — your money is better spent elsewhere.


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