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Avvocating 2012 wrapped up earlier this month in traditional fashion – with 20 Cool Things in 20 Minutes* from Avvo CEO, Mark Britton and Avvo CTO, Sendi Widjaja.

A crowd favorite, 20 in 20 provides a quick look at the latest, must-have tools and applications for lawyers.

What did we miss? What cool technologies are you using?

1) Cloud Drives
Dropbox, SkyDrive, and Google Drive all pretty much work the same:  You can download onto your computer, it creates a specified folder, where the files you put inside are then stored online. People are able to access these files through any of their devises such as a desktop, laptop, and smartphone.
Main features of each:
-Google Drive – has up to 5 MG free storage, good pricing on monthly rates for extra storage (is a 10 GB limit)
-Dropbox  – (more for everyone) has up to 2 GB free storage. Apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android
-Skydrive – Geared toward people who store a lot of digital files. 7GB free storage, out of the 3 listed has best add on storage pricing, remote access to other pc’s.

2) Ultrabook Samsung Series 9
Similar to the MacBook in terms of functionality. The Ultrabook has a slim design and high quality resolution display. Samsung describes the UIltrabook as “the world’s thinnest and most compact premium notebook”.

3) iAnnotate App
The fastest and easiest app for reading, annotating, and reviewing PDF files on your smartphone. It has customizable tools and toolbars which allow the user to pick and choose what tools to display on the screens and streamline workflow.

4) Tripit.com
Is an ultra-sophisticated travel planner. Tripit compiles all your travel details and creates a helpful itinerary for when you need it all in one spot. Users can access this on their smartphones at any time.

5) Uber
This app is like your on-demand private driver. It allows the user to request a car pick up at any time. Uber will then dispatch the nearest driver to pick you up. You’ll then get a text with the estimated arrival time and also when the car arrives. When the ride is completed no need to worry about having cash, Uber will bill your credit card on file and also include a tip.

6) Dragon Dictation
Easy-to-use voice recognition app used to quickly and conveniently send emails and texts. Up to five times faster than typing on keyboard and also saves your emails and texts in the Dragon Dictation Notes folder on your smartphone.

7) Bloomberg Law
Is a system of legal content, company and market information and news. Each user has unlimited access to the content in the databases and workflow tools. It is an advanced service that delivers information legal practitioners need, geared toward the way they work.

8)Pico Projector
Is a handheld/pocket projector, mobile projector. It can be used as a standalone projector or as a combined component in mobile devices, and uses the same technology that powers standard projectors.

9) Kindle Fire
The Kindle Fire has over 20 million movies, TV shows, songs, magazines, and books. It also has high speed web browsing as well as built-in Wi-Fi. It has a rich color touchscreen and thousands of apps and games.

10) Lumosity.com
Brain training program. The brain training is focused on a wide variety of scientifically designed brain games. Lumosity focuses on providing a fun environment so that users are encouraged to continue their training.

11) Instapaper App
One of the many cool apps featured on this list, Instapaper is a simple tool that bookmarks interesting articles so you can come back to read them later. It works across platforms as well – desktop, iPhone/iPad and e-readers.

12) iThoughts App
Allows you to import and export mindmaps to your mobile device from any of the popular desktop mindmap applications.  Now you will have all your best ideas, plans and lists with you wherever you go.

13) Fastcase
A legal research service that includes a national law library collection of cases, statutes, regulations,  court rules and constitutions that is easy to search and sort.  The most important and relevant results are easy to find, and include citation analysis. It’s accessible across all computing platforms and free trials are available.

14) Ruby Receptionists
Ruby is a virtual receptionist who provides the friendly and professional service you expect people to receive when calling your firm. Ruby will work with you regardless of your location and is never sick, late or on vacation.

15) Square
A mobile card reader that hooks into your Android, iPhone or Ipad, allowing you to accept credit card payments on your mobile device.

16) Evernote App
Never forget an idea, lose a list or misplace an important piece of information. Remember everything with this app that syncs your notes on the computer, phone, tablet and the web.

17) Penultimate App
Dynamic handwriting app for the iPad. Recently acquired by Evernote.

18) Unbounce.com
Do-it-Yourself landing page templates to create, publish and optimize landing pages for your practice. Includes A/B testing.

19) Rocketmatter and Clio
Web-based practice management software providers that help lawyers manage and secure every aspect of the law firm – document management, billing, time management and client relationship management.

20) Jelly Fish Art
Order real, live jelly fish to swim around on your desk. Choose from different types of tanks and various types of jelly fish. Definitely not something you see every day.

*Technically this list includes few more than 20! Here are the slides:

Avvocating 20 Things in 20 Minutes

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