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Why You Need to Shoot Video In Your Office

Why You Need to Shoot Video In Your Office

Posted onDecember 6, 2011

I have created educational video in my basement, in my backyard, at the pool club, on vacation in the Bahamas, in Florida, while at marketing seminars and many other places.

However, the most important place you can ever shoot video is in your law office.

There are some lawyers who believe that their office is not worthy of being shown on video. Others are worried that the size of their office will diminish the impression or the perception of their legal ability. Yet others are proud to show off where they work.

The overwhelming incentive for shooting video in your office has nothing to do with the size, shape, color or location of your office. It has nothing to do with whether your office is clean or messy. It has nothing to do whether you have a quiet office or a busy office.

The underlying reason and purpose for creating video in your office has a deep psychological answer that once I share it with you you’ll immediately recognize how powerful it is. Do not get me wrong. I am not a fan of psychobabble or psychology. I have no specialized training in the field of psychology but I have learned a great deal about how psychology influences how viewers perceive us and how they act upon our messages. In that regard, I have become an avid and quick student.

Let me explain to you why you need to shoot video in your office.

A gentleman calls my office

A gentleman called me with a potential new wrongful death case. On the phone, after my brief screening call, I invited him and his family into my office to further evaluate their potential matter.

As an aside, you should have just recognized one important marketing tip that you should all be doing. You should be qualifying every prospect on the telephone before inviting them into your office to spend an hour with you chatting about their case. You must require that your prospects prove themselves worthy of hiring you. That is a topic for another day, but that method of thinking will revolutionize the way you evaluate and take in new cases.

Let’s get back to this gentleman who had a possible wrongful death case. During our three minute screening call, he told me he found one of the videos I created about wrongful death that was virtually identical to the scenario that he found himself in that day. Probing further, I learned that he might have a viable case and scheduled an appointment for him and his family.

A gentleman arrives at my office

On the appointed day and time a distinguished looking gentleman walked into my office with an overcoat and a cane accompanied by two of his family members. He immediately thrust out his hand and introduced himself. I did the same. His next words were startling. “I feel like I already know you.”

Before choosing his seat, he quickly looked around my office and remarked to me “I feel as if I have already been here before.”

I knew full well that I had never met the the man in my life. I was also fully aware that he had never stepped foot in my office before. Yet here was an intelligent distinguished man who told me, in the span of 10 seconds, everything that validated what I do with video.

He felt as if he already knew me

It turns out that he watched about 12 of my videos on wrongful death. He was fascinated and eager to learn more. He immediately notified his family members that they should go online and start watching my videos. Those videos prompted this gentleman to pick up the phone and call me. My videos began the process of establishing a bond with these viewers that got them to recognize  I had information they wanted to know. My content was engaging and of great interest to these people.

They got to know me, like me and began to trust me before they ever met me.

The reason you want to shoot video in your office is so that your viewers can become familiar with and feel comfortable with you and your law office setting so when they arrive in your office they feel as if they have already been there. It is a déjà vu like feeling to walk into a place that you’ve seen many times before but yet have never stepped foot in. From a psychological standpoint you no longer have to overcome the trust hurdle that so many of us attorneys have to deal with on a daily basis.

Create video in your office

That is my recommendation. Let them see your desk, let them see your possessions that sit on your desk. Let them see your conference room and where you work. Throw open your office doors and warmly invite your viewer in to join you. Your potential clients likely have never been inside a lawyer’s office before. Why not show them where you work and how you work so that they feel comfortable when they do show up in your office. From a psychological standpoint this is an extremely powerful suggestion and changes the dynamics from a prospect deciding whether to hire you, into one who actually begs you to be their lawyer.

When a new prospect comes into my office, they already come in pre-qualified and literally beg me to take their case. No longer do I have to spend time convincing them that I’m trustworthy and that I am the right one to handle their problems. By the time they arrive in my office they have already determined in their own mind that I am the right lawyer for them. This is a dramatic and revolutionary change to how this process used to work.

If you want to make this happen for yourself, make sure you shoot video in your office.

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Gerry is known as “America’s Leading Authority on Video Marketing for Lawyers.” He is a practicing NY Medical Malpractice trial lawyer and has created a video marketing solutions company called The Lawyers Video Studio to help lawyers market their law firms online. In fact, he is the only practicing trial lawyer in the country who helps other lawyers create video to market their practice.

Gerry has written hundreds of articles about video marketing for lawyers, has lectured across the country on the subject of video marketing and loves helping lawyers transform their marketing messages from dull, boring and ineffective into educational and compelling video that teaches your viewers why you have information that they need to know.

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