5 tips for providing a document review on Avvo

Avvo Legal Services launched last year and is now live in over 25 states. Of the many services attorneys can offer, the top sellers are legal document reviews.

How it works

Document and application review services vary by practice area. But, in general, you’re agreeing to:

  • Review the client’s document or application
  • Call the client for a 30-minute phone call
  • Provide answers and advice during the call
  • Receive the full client payment of $149 – $595
  • Pay a marketing fee of $40 – $150

Editing or filing the document is not included.

Top tips from successful attorneys

Of course, it’s important to be both professional and personable when working with clients. The better the experience, the more likely the client is to hire you for additional work in the future. Beyond the basics, here are the top tips from our most successful attorneys:

1. Look for red flags before the call

When reviewing the client’s document, look for errors or red flags, and note any follow-up questions you have for the client. Write down your talking points so the client can walk away with a solid list of action items. Clients appreciate the effort and it makes the call more efficient for everyone.

2. Call your client ASAP

You have 1 business day to review the document and call your client. But don’t dawdle. Speed is one of the top things mentioned in positive client reviews.

If you can’t offer the service on time, you can simply text or email to decline.

3. Reiterate service details

Before choosing to offer a document or application review, read the service details and Avvo Legal Services Terms carefully.

When you start a call with a new client, reiterate the details of the service so you know you’re both on the same page before diving into your conversation.

4. “Bedside manner” matters

When clients talk to you on the phone, they’re paying as much, if not more, attention to your “PVT”–pitch, volume, and tone–than to what you’re actually saying.

Loud talkers are off-putting. A patronizing or impatient tone makes clients uncomfortable and definitely won’t win you a new, long-term client. Read more about delivering a great phone call.

5. Provide, don’t push, your contact info

Many clients have the advice they need after the 30-minute call, but some may need more help. Don’t pressure clients with a sales pitch, but do give them your contact information so they can reach you if they want to hire you for more work or refer you to someone else.

You can find more details in our Avvo Legal Services FAQ or sign up today at Avvo.com/partners.