Avvo product update: New messaging feature

Most attorneys say responsiveness to clients is a critical way of maintaining good business relationships. This is even more important when attracting new clients through the door. According to Avvo consumer data, 59% of people say that how quickly an attorney responds to an email or phone is very important in their decision to hire. Compare that to 29% who say having a friend or family referral is the most important factor. Over time, the way we communicate has changed drastically with technology, as have client expectations regarding availability.

Knowing how important responsiveness is for attorneys to convert prospects into clients, last week we introduced an exciting new messaging feature that will ensure attorneys never miss another message.

“With millions of people visiting Avvo every month looking for legal help, we are always striving to make it easier and faster for people to connect with attorneys, and for attorneys to manage communications from potential clients, said Avvo Software Development Manager, David Doan.”

Here’s how messaging works

  • Whenever a potential client contacts a claimed Avvo attorney, they will get an email notification from Avvo showing the client’s full message. To respond, attorneys can simply click the button in the email—and be taken directly to their new message inbox.
  • Additionally, when they sign in to Avvo, they will be alerted to new messages via the “Messages” tab in the top right-hand corner of the navigation bar, as highlighted below:
  • When a client responds to the message, Avvo will immediately notify the attorney via email. At that point, they can decide whether to take the conversation offline and into the office.

Have you used the new message feature? If you have any comments, questions or feedback please don’t hesitate to contact us.