Avvo announces free legal forms: 3 reasons this rocks for attorneys

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legal forms

Avvo is making a big announcement: Consumers can now download legal forms for free. Let’s unpack what this means for attorneys.

1. Forms don’t create value, lawyers do

Attorneys will surely wonder why we’re giving legal forms away for free. It’s simple: Avvo only charges people for value, and value comes from attorneys. People search for legal forms every day in an attempt to find a quick fix for their legal issue. Because of the demand for legal forms, companies banked nearly $5 billion last year selling them to consumers and businesses. Many of these people simply end up finding that what they really needed to solve their legal issue was a qualified attorney, not just a form.

2. We developed forms to bring more consumers to you

Courts are filled to the brim with pro se litigants. 56% of people who try to handle a legal issue on their own end up getting stuck and 42% of those end up hiring an attorney. Providing legal forms for free offers a simple way for consumers to begin the process of addressing their legal issue. Once a consumer has already completed their form and even shared it with others, it’s much easier for us to connect these consumers with an attorney participating on Avvo.

3. Free forms can quickly move consumers to a document review

A top priority of ours is to give consumers the opportunity to seamlessly move from creating or receiving a form directly to a document review with an attorney. We strongly encourage people to pair their forms with a document review or an advice session from an experienced local attorney through Avvo Legal Services.

What’s next for legal forms:

    • Nearly 200 free legal forms will be available by the end of the year.
    • We’ll also make forms available in more places over the coming months, like our mobile app.
    • Stay tuned for updates on how we’re creating a tighter integration between legal forms and Avvo Legal Services.

Check out all our legal forms at avvo.com/legal-forms.