5 reasons to become an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau®


Last year I became a member of the BBB, and it has been a great investment for my practice. I’d like to share some of the benefits I’ve received.

Increased credibility

Admittance into the BBB is not automatic. To become an accredited member, you must complete a comprehensive questionnaire, and the BBB conducts its own independent review to assign a letter grade to your business based on their internal reviews. I am proud to say that my firm has an A+ rating with the BBB, and I hope to keep it that way. Why is this important? As potential customers look for client reviews in evaluating potential firms, a BBB accreditation could be that final push that sways a customer to choose your firm over one that is not listed with the BBB.

A ‘backlink’ from a trusted source

Another benefit from the BBB is that accredited members are listed in the BBB’s directory with backlinks to their websites. Needless to say, a link from this trusted source is beneficial to SEO rankings. Furthermore, members can link to professional social media accounts via their BBB online profile.

Dispute resolution

As an accredited member, you also agree to participate in the BBB’s dispute resolution program, which allows consumers to file a complaint through the BBB’s website. In some cases, a dispute can be resolved through this process before it escalates into further action such as a bar complaint.

Increased visibility

The BBB now has its own advertising program, which allows members to increase their online visibility through a series of banners and priority placement. This program is only offered to accredited members, and this allows my firm to differentiate from competitors. As an advertiser, you also receive a monthly report on how many visitors have seen your profile and how many searches were conducted for attorneys in your geographic area.

New clients

I can attest that I have retained clients who have seen my profile on the BBB, and—based on the number of views of my profile—it is not surprising that the number of calls is increasing along with the quality of the prospective clients. The bottom line is that a BBB membership can enhance your practice and set you apart from the competition.