How to create an effective law firm marketing email newsletter

Posted in Legal marketing

If you’re like me, you get lots of e-newsletters.  Some I subscribed to on purpose, others come because I bought something online and forgot to uncheck the “Send me everything you have to say about anything” box.

There are some e-newsletters I look forward to receiving and some that make me look immediately for the “Unsubscribe” link.  So why do some email newsletters fail while others succeed?

Here are some hallmarks of effective email newsletters:

Proper list segmentation

The newsletters I like know who I am and they feed me the information I want and need.  If you have more than one practice area in your law firm, you simply must segment your list.  Don’t send out the same information to every email address you have on file.


Face it, these days, everyone is busy.  Respect your reader’s time by keeping your content brief and provide links to more lengthy content on your website (improving your SEO!) if they want to take the time to read more.  Don’t clutter your e-newsletter with off-topic information or too many different subjects.  And present your information in a way that doesn’t sound too self-promotional.  Give information that is valuable to the reader and tell them why what you are writing about matters to them.

Good design

A properly designed e-newsletter draws the reader in.  It should be clean, concise, have interesting graphics and images and you should keep the same template from month to month so it is recognizable to your subscribers.

Strong subject lines

You need strong subject lines that immediately grab your readers’ attention.  Do not just toss in “April E-Newsletter from ABC Law Firm”!  How boring.  Even if you spent the time you should in creating compelling content, a weak subject line will get you bounced to the Junk folder.

Single call-to-action

Don’t ask your subscribers to choose among a list of actions you want them to take – choose one strong call-to-action that is a logical extension of your e-newsletter content.