Learning How to Brag… Humbly: Setting Up an Effective Social Networking Marketing Strategy

It’s tough talking about yourself. Besides, nobody likes a braggart. But if you want to gain an online marketing advantage, you have to learn to shout your accomplishments from the roof-tops–but nicely. We’ll be exploring the most effective ways of marketing your law firm through various social media…without coming off like a jerk.

First, to reiterate the point above, nobody–and I mean nobody–likes a know-it-all. On the other hand, everybody likes the guy or gal that always seems to have the answer to a nagging problem. This represents who you want to be in the world of online information as a law firm. Second, understand what you’re marketing. You are not marketing your firm. You are marketing the problems your firm can solve. Finally, remember the goal of social media marketing is ubiquity. You are creating a presence associated squarely with all things your expertise. Can you think of sports without thinking Gatorade?

With this firmly in mind, we can now focus on the fun part… the shouting from the rooftops.

Say your expertise resides with Online IP patents. What were the most difficult problems you’ve solved involving IP? And what were the circumstances surrounding the cases? Use social media to tease us on one or two details, but for the whole story we must visit your website. As I read your article, I should get the sense you can handle anything…  i.e. I can finally get some sleep because you’re going to solve what keeps me up at night. I don’t know what you know until you tell me. So tell me. This is not bragging–this is sharing. Think of it as a testimonial.

In fact, share with me that unique insight only you can bring. Or, give me a witty perspective that allows me to either laugh or refocus my energy.  Demonstrate your grasp of the subject matter and I will willingly bow to your command of the complexity. Just be sure to wrap this package in the practical and keep your writing simple.

There are two reasons to keep it simple:

1.  To be able to read it quickly (after all I am surfing… the web, that is).

2. It’s the best way to capture sound bites for use with social media. Remember, your goal is ubiquity and we’re going to use your words as bait across Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, and the blogosphere to draw people in to your website. Whenever someone thinks of Online IP, they should think of you because you’re everywhere IP is mentioned.

We do this through social media. And, we’ll be discussing how for each of the social media websites in future articles. But, first is content. Content is king. Creating content that is compelling, easy to read, and demonstrates your expertise will be more important than any click-throughs. We can help drive traffic to your website, but you’ve got to keep them there for your business to grow. So start now and tell us what makes you special. Share what problems you’ve solved and next week we’ll show you how to use Twitter to tell the world.