Want to Double Your Business Using Twitter? Tweet This…

There are those who get it and those who don’t. If you want to market your business using social media such as Twitter, you must remember one simple thing: social media is first and foremost, you guessed it, social!

Driving traffic to your website, and introducing new products and services are secondary functions. Twitter is about creating community, and developing a fan base that enjoys following you throughout the day. This only happens when you create content worth reading–and reading often. Think about it like this. If you and a friend hung out for the day, how would the conversation go? It would probably be relaxed and casual, filled with phrases like, “Guess who I saw yesterday?!” It would follow a natural rhythm with highs and lows, serious at times and easy-going the next. Remember, social media is supposed to be social.

Here are some things you must do every day to have an effective social marketing campaign on Twitter.

      1. Teach – Inspire, inform, and entertain. Teach people something in your area of expertise. Additionally, be cognizant of your up times of the year and down times, and Tweet accordingly. If you’re a tax lawyer, for example, when tax season starts gearing up, be sure to market yourself aggressively then, as people will be in search of the information you’ll hopefully be tweeting about.  Tweet useful, little-known facts about your area of law. Providing useful information is the fastest way to add new followers.  These new followers will see you as the expert and when they need something they’ll contact you!
      2. Tease – If you want people to read your post, you better do this… Tease. This is what the evening news does every day.  They whet the viewer’s appetite to stay up past bedtime to see if lead is poisoning their lettuce. Often your posts should tease your followers to read your blog, or visit your website. Pique their curiosity just be sure to satisfy it with hyperlinks to good information. These have the potential to go viral quickly.
      3. Be transparent – Don’t forget: we’re two friends spending the day in the park. Talking all business is impersonal. Every now and then, boldly tell your followers you feel like eating pancakes. They will appreciate your humanness. Respond to direct messages and reciprocate compliments. You want to be personable.


So how often should you do this?

At least three times a day, and you can use services like HootSuite to schedule these Twitter posts.  This way you won’t feel like a slave to your Twitter account. You can schedule a useful tip in the morning, an interesting fact mid-morning, a juicy tease for lunch, something inspiration for the drive home, and finally a Zen moment to end the day. This can be done a year out if you like.

The most important thing is to connect and stay connected. Be social. Show people what you look like so that they know you’re human. Write a nice bio that’s warm and friendly. When they need your product or service, they will come to you, I promise. After all, everyone likes to do business with a friend.