Sink or swim: Are you adapting to the New Legal Consumer?

There is no denying that significant changes are occurring on the legal landscape. From online review sites and forums to on-demand Q&A and instant chat, the digital revolution has taken legal by storm. Attorneys that haven’t figured out how to adapt to the changing demands of consumers are being left in the dust.

Once online, what is the New Legal Consumer looking for? What do they value?
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The whitepaper Sink or swim: How to adapt to the New Legal Consumer, takes a deeper look at the behaviors that drive the New Legal Consumer. Based upon a 2015 Avvo study conducted by Nika Kabiri, Director of Strategic Insights, the whitepaper offers attorneys valuable insights into how they can reach more potential clients and grow their practice. The New Legal Consumer no longer embarks on a linear path to purchase model that attorneys can predict and track. They are however, engaging with legal in way that can be measured.

Attorneys who read this whitepaper will learn the following:

  • Who is this New Legal Consumer and what is the source of their perspective?
  • How do they behave as they look for legal solutions?
  • How can lawyers adapt to this consumer through small changes in their practice?

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