Tune in to ‘Mastering Social Business’ for a Crushing Competitive Edge

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podcast - squareIn the spring of 2012 I set out to understand social media marketing. Before long, I realized that the internet is a deluge of experts. To my incredible good luck, I stumbled upon a podcast hosted by two internet brand builders who practice what they preach: Kelly Noble Mirabella (@stellar247) and Paul Serwin (@leveragesuccess). This pair hosts a weekly podcast called “Mastering Social Business” that offers listeners deep insight into a wide range of topics pertinent to using social media to market your brand.

Bookmark this site: http://www.masteringsocialbusiness.com.

The podcast is impressive on many fronts. First, and most importantly, Kelly and Paul thoroughly research their topics. Whether you’re looking to use social media (and internet tools in general) to promote an event, bring exposure to a non-profit, present a webinar, or launch a podcast, Kelly and Paul bring you up-to-date information on several options available to do the job. Even after listening to every one of their 60+ podcasts, I inevitably experience an “aha!” moment when Kelly announces both the free and the paid version of whatever function she and Paul are discussing. Give them a listen: you will be surprised.

Second–even through storms, weddings, and pregnancy–Paul and Kelly never miss a weekly podcast. As a marketer who has struggled with publishing my own content consistently, what Kelly and Paul have achieved is amazing. Every Monday brings a new podcast on a new topic. Of course, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn help by constantly updating their feature set, but Kelly and Paul have given great insight into clearing the email inbox, email marketing, Pinterest, best books for marketers, and a multi-part series on the world according to Google. (Hint: if you’re not on Google+ you’re being left behind in search).

Third, their website notes. Early on I paid my daughter to listen to and summarize each of the podcasts, but then Paul and Kelly put her out of business by publishing detailed notes of each podcast on the website. Listeners never need to worry about jotting down a website while driving in the car: all resources are provided on the web.

Finally: entertainment value. I never thought I would care about Pinterest, marketing non-profits or promoting events, but listening to Paul and Kelly’s podcasts was so enjoyable, the 35 minutes flew by and I was inspired. Now, I’ve used something from nearly all of their podcasts (probably except Pinterest; I still haven’t figured out how bankruptcy will relate to that audience) and I’ve been honored by their interview of me on a guest segment that will air on July 1, 2013. Please tune in and let me know what you think. You can count on one thing: if it’s no good, at least you can’t blame Kelly and Paul.