Webinar Q&A Recap: Generating More Clients: 5 Myths and 5 Secrets for Lawyers

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Earlier this month, Brad Cooper, Senior Vice President at RealPractice/ReplyWise joined us for a webinar entitled, Generating More Clients: 5 Myths and 5 Secrets for Lawyers. Unfortunately we did not have time to address every question, so Brad answered several here in a follow up post.

1. Can you send me the link to a landing page?

Here is a sample landing page from one of our clients: http://www.floridabankratty.com/stpetersburg/

We can send more examples to anyone who wants to see more or folks may contact us and we can walk them through what makes a “good” landing page.

2. How can we use LinkedIn most effectively? How can you get people on LinkedIn to find your business?

1).  Add content to your profile:  Good headshot photo, lots of well-written content.  Here’s one example of a good one: http://www.linkedin.com/in/richardweltman
2).  Connect with all the people you know:  Upload email lists from your Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.
3).  Join groups:  With other lawyers and referral sources, local business people
4).  Contribute to groups:  Post comments to existing discussions and start your own
5).  Buy ads on LinkedIn:  We can do this for you or do it yourself.  Point them not to your profile, but to a free downloadable white paper or seminar that you are hosting
6).  See one of our RealPractice webinars and one from Avvo on the topic here:



7).  As always, your mileage may vary and you should consult your state/section bar ethics regarding social media/LinkedIn guidelines

3. What’s the best way to keep in touch with prospects and old clients?

ReplyWise:  http://www.replywise.com/

Yes, we are biased as this is our product, but we built it specifically for attorneys to keep track of prospects and I honestly can’t recommend anything else because there really aren’t any other good, easy, low-cost, automated solutions for solos and small firms.  Contact us and we’ll let you try it for free for 60 days if you mention Avvo.  Or, you can try using Outlook and remembering who you need to contact, about what and when.  However, even if you have only 30-100 contacts, it becomes pretty impossible to stay on top of them all yourself without an automated solution like ReplyWise.

4. Is your recommendation to do a “landing page” as opposed to a content rich site, or to do both?

Both:  each for different purposes.  Landing pages for all paid marketing and advertising (PPC ads, radio ads, direct mail, yellow pages, etc) and a website for everything else (referrals, PR).  Websites don’t have to be “content rich” or expensive, though.  Have a nice, clean 5-10 page website and spend $1,000 or less to have someone build it.  For both the website homepage and the landing page, make sure they have strong “calls to action” in the headlines (“Call an Experienced Irvine Bankruptcy Attorney Today!”), easy to find contact information, and bullet points that demonstrate what type of cases you handle, what cities you serve and WHAT makes you better/different than other firms.  We also like to have our clients figure out the “why” they do what they do and explain that, but that is content for the next webinar.

As one law firm example, below are links to both the landing page and full website for one of our clients:



5. I have a vendor who wished to build 1000 links to my website monthly – what is this all about?

In the old days, it used to help to get lots of links pointing to your website to help with search engine optimization (“SEO”) also known as “organic” search results.  In the past couple of years, though, Google has drastically reduced the number of “organic” links on most local business searches… ( most solo and small attorneys serve a local area and are thus “locally based”).  Search for “bankruptcy attorney Chicago” in Google to see what I mean—almost all the resulting links are ads and Google Places/Plus.  If your firm doesn’t already show up well in organic search results or if you are a new practice or have a new website, you will get faster and better results paying for a PPC (“pay per click” aka “paid search” aka “Google AdWords”) campaign and also building out your Google Plus business page vs. investing money in link building or SEO.

6. I have used Google Analytics to measure impressions vs actions for searches. Any tips to enhance conversion of impressions to actions?

Good keyword selection, good bidding practices (if you are doing PPC… we don’t recommend you manage your own PPC, though) good copyrighting and good page layout and design.  Use landing pages like the ones above and focus on getting visitors to call you.  Most law firm web traffic goes to poorly designed websites which either scare visitors away or overwhelm them with too much content – or they forget to tell visitors to call you.  Yes, you have to tell them to do things via a “call to action” (“CTA”):  “Call me today for your FREE initial consultation!  555-555-1212”  Add the CTA and phone number in the top right corner of website and landing pages and several other places throughout.  Analytics only tell you how things are going, they don’t tell you what to do next.

7. Where is the best place for clients to post reviews and is there a minimum number of reviews per week or month or something else you would recommend?

Again, see your state/section bar ethics rules on client social media reviews, but your Avvo profile is a great place to send them as well as to your Google Places/Plus profile page.  Can also send to Yahoo Maps and Bing profile pages, but less traffic there.  Only send real clients with real reviews and do not ask anyone to do multiple or fake reviews on the same site — not worth the risk to do this, so don’t.  The more good client reviews the better and having them come in regularly can only help you get placed higher in searches and enhance your reputation.

If anyone has more questions, we love to hear from Avvo visitors, so please contact me!  bcooper@realpractice.com

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