Future clients want to know: Practice area, geographic location, and contact information

client responsiveness

Potential clients are going to do their due diligence before hiring an attorney. Most will go pretty deep to ensure that you are the right attorney for their case and will provide them the best outcome. When prospective clients visit your Avvo profile, they’ll read client reviews, endorsements from your peers, and maybe even outcomes from your past cases.

These things are very important in helping clients decide which attorney to hire, but first things first: they need to know your practice area, your geographic location, and the best contact information to use to reach you.

Practice area

Potential clients say that practice area is the single most important thing they look for (source: Avvo consumer survey). This seems pretty intuitive. If a potential client is looking to get a divorce, he or she would not contact an attorney specializing in employment law. But therein lies the importance of including practice area(s) on your Avvo profile: if you haven’t identified a specific practice area, your Avvo profile will not be appear in results when potential clients search for attorneys in that particular practice area.

practice area

Here are 3 things to keep in mind when listing practice areas on your Avvo profile:

  • Add child practice areas, not just your primary practice area. Your Avvo profile includes a pie chart that allows you to showcase a breakdown of all the practice areas in which you handle cases.
  • Stick with what you know best. Don’t add practice areas you aren’t prepared to provide services in.
  • Use practice areas to expand. If you’re looking to take on cases in new primary or child practice areas, begin to add them to the pie chart. This tells potential consumers that you are available to take cases in other practice areas.

Geographic location

Avvo profiles show up for searches within 3 to 5 miles of the searcher’s specified city. The Avvo search algorithm relies on you to input your firm’s name, address, and city in your profile so your profile will show up when potential clients search for legal advice in your city. If this information isn’t available, it will dramatically reduce your visibility and contacts from potential clients searching for your practice area in your city.

3 things your Avvo profile needs to show your geographic location:

  • Firm name
  • Street address
  • City, state, and zip

Contact information

Adding your practice area and geographic location will help increase your visibility and drive qualified, eager, potential clients to your profile. But once they are there, you need to provide a very clear method of contact for those who want to reach out to you. Even Forbes has identified adding contact information as a best practice for businesses trying to increase contacts from their website. It may seem like an obvious piece of the puzzle, but it sometimes gets forgotten.

Now, consider that 50 percent of Avvo visitors are navigating the site on a mobile device. For mobile users, the ability to quickly “click to call” on the screen of a smartphone is a proven method of increasing call volume in small businesses—and calls are worth 3x more than a click to a website.


Your Avvo profile was designed with the objective of increasing the number of contacts you receive from potential clients. Avvo searchers can contact you via:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Your website

Key takeaways

Your Avvo profile is more than just a directory profile; it’s a part of your online reputation and your online presence. By updating it with your applicable practice areas, firm address, phone number, email address, and website, you will amplify your profile’s visibility, drive more visitors to your profile, and increase the number of times potential clients contact you.

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