How to create better performing legal videos

Video holds the immense power to attract new clients and grow your law firm, but only if it’s done right. It’s not enough to just create video content, and the bane of many an attorney’s existence is spending time and hard-earned resources on video only to find that it has no real effect on their bottom line. That’s why this article is here to help.

Whether you’re ready to create your first legal video or looking to produce more content to drive traffic and convert viewers into clients, keep a few essential tactics in mind to ensure you get the most out of your video content.

We’ll start by breaking video into 2 overarching categories: brand videos and educational (or FAQ) content. Depending on your objectives, you will want to focus on 1 (or perhaps both) types of video content to achieve your marketing goals.

At their most basic level, FAQ videos and educational content drive web traffic, while brand videos serve to convert viewers into clients. How? FAQ videos and educational content connect with viewers by providing value. They allow viewers to find your content, and they establish you as an expert in your field, thereby building client trust. They make potential clients aware of you and your services.

Once viewers are driven to your site via FAQ content (or via any other means), it’s time for your brand video to take hold. Brand videos, as one can assume, highlight the story of your law firm to connect viewers with your brand. The goal of brand videos is simple yet powerful: drive viewers to take the next step. Now that we’ve made a clear distinction between these 2 types of video content, we’ll discuss what makes each so powerful.

FAQ videos

FAQ video content should have 1 goal: providing value, and nothing more. While it may be tempting to sell yourself to potential clients throughout your FAQ content, this is not the time to make a sales pitch (although an ending call to action is still encouraged). FAQ videos excel when they provide viewers with easily digestible legal advice and efficiently answer questions regarding your practice area.

The goal is to establish trust and position yourself as an expert in your field. If done correctly, your FAQ content can effectively drive viewers to your website. Here are several quick tips for creating high-performing FAQ content:

Choose quality over quantity: Your video content is a direct reflection of your brand, and it should represent your law firm in the best way possible. This is often overlooked, but consider who you would trust: the attorney who has differentiated his or her practice by investing in powerful, high-quality video content or the one who has produced a slew of green screen “talking head”-style videos that look like every other one out there?

Base FAQ content on keyword research: The most effective marketing strategies are based on data-driven research, and keyword research is one way to ensure that your content won’t fall on deaf ears. You probably have a good idea of what topics you’d like to cover (and you should; you speak with clients every day), but you won’t know the exact search volume for each question until you complete this step. By completing keyword research before you produce video content, you will know the exact search volume for each keyword string and can use that data to target the best questions for driving highly qualified potential clients.

Click here for an in-depth guide detailing how to implement keyword research.

Keep FAQs short and to the point: You only have a few seconds to connect with viewers, and highly targeted FAQ videos should quickly answer the question at hand. FAQ video content should be about 1 minute in length to keep viewers engaged while still providing them with value.

(Pro tip) Release blog posts in conjunction with FAQ content: This is a seldom-used strategy, albeit an effective one for attracting more viewers. Why? Because video content can rank in multiple places online, and releasing your videos in blog posts creates another avenue for potential clients to find you. If you don’t have time to create unique blog posts for each individual video, don’t worry, there are a number of low-cost video transcription services that can get the job done without breaking the bank (, for example, offers video transcription services that cost around $1.50 per minute of video).

Brand videos

FAQ videos drive site traffic, but brand videos make the sale once the user has arrived. The entire goal of your brand video is to highlight your firm while convincing viewers that you are the best source of help in their time of need. But how?

It’s all about the audience: If this seems like simple advice, it is. In fact, it’s so simple that it’s often overlooked. You might have an idea of why clients hire you, but you’ll never truly know until you sit down and ask them. What are your audience’s pain points, and why should potential clients choose you over everyone else? Emphasize your unique value proposition, and you’ll be well on your way to converting viewers into clients.

Emphasize your story: It might seem like your brand video is the time to tout your long list of accolades, but this shouldn’t be the focus of your content. While you definitely want to establish your firm as a trusted resource, don’t overburden viewers with facts and statistics. Generally, viewers won’t know what separates you in terms of skill from other attorneys. It’s not their area of expertise. That is okay. The key is to focus on your unique story to drive an emotional connection that inspires viewers to identify with your firm and believe that you will get them the best result for their case.

Don’t lose your audience: The longer a video is, the less likely viewers are to make it to the end—and to your call to action. The balancing act is to connect with your audience while quickly conveying your point: why they should hire you. Effective legal brand videos hover around 2-3 minutes in length in order to effectively tell their firm’s story while still keeping viewers engaged.

(Pro Tip) music matters: Think of the last time you went to the movies. Would the images be as compelling without moving and cinematic scores? Of course not. The right music reinforces your message and creates a powerful experience for potential customers. The key is to decide on music before shooting your video. The music you choose sets the tone for your content, and deciding on music beforehand not only sets the tone for your video content but also dramatically speeds up the entire editing process. From an editor’s perspective, music ties video assets together and keeps everyone on the same page. You may be surprised, but finalized video cuts must be drastically edited, altered, and changed to stylistically fit a new soundtrack.

While no marketing tips can guarantee great performance (be wary of any vendor who makes guarantee promises), these 8 strategies will keep your content on track and drive effective results for your law firm. Start by understanding your marketing goals and create content based on achieving them. Understand your audience and create content to suit its needs. And always invest in quality. Your video content should reflect the power and prestige of your law firm, not detract from the brand you’ve tirelessly worked to establish.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you’ll be well on your way to creating engaging content that consistently drives new clients to hire your practice.

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